Essentials of High Performance

Learning from advances in neuroscience, mindset and performing under pressure our understanding of the brain, decision making, motivation and human behaviour has improved dramatically. Aviation, elite sport and healthcare have all embraced these advances.

Flexible, personalised and highly relevant, each day of the programme will leave participants inspired and motivated to make a difference to their lives, their careers and the lives and careers of the people they manage and work with.

The SHAPE Programme Overview

The SHAPE Programme is my unique six-day flagship programme that explores, explains and improves individual, team and organisational performance. 

It is a leadership and performance programme with a difference. Informed by thirty years of exploring behavioural change, teams, culture and performance. The programme takes its learning from healthcare, aviation, elite sport and the performing arts, as it describes the social, technical and emotional competencies needed by today’s workforce. 

Offering a different perspective, this programme will challenge current assumptions, help your people think for themselves, improve their decision making and help them make smarter choices.  Participants will learn how and when to work with intensity and how to react appropriately under pressure, optimising their impact. 

Train your High Potential talent and High Performing talent to perform at their best

Why Choose SHAPE?

We know that human performance is variable. Recent advances have improved our understanding of the brain, decision making, motivation and human performance in industries such as elite sport, healthcare, aviation, and the performing arts. 

After the crisis of 2020, more so now than ever, it is time to update and upgrade your skills and refresh your performance.


Ensure post traumatic growth is equipping you and your teams with the skills for the future – creativity, adaptability, problem-solving and innovation. 


Change your perspective and keep ahead with this unique series of workshops.


  • Has the growth and learning of your people plateaued? 
  • Is your organisation full of intellectually talented performers? 
  • Are they getting the results that such talented people should be getting? 


The programme explores individual and team performance, preparing attendees for the highest level of leadership. It will help individuals develop a high-performance mindset and how to instil a high-performance and learning philosophy in the modern workplace.

Who Should Attend ?

Designed for busy (no assignments, no homework) and ambitious professionals who want to challenge themselves intellectually.

For managers, team leaders and section heads looking to transition into leadership roles and for those recently, or about to be, promoted into leadership positions.


SHAPE Programme

“amazing day on high performance leadership”