Are you treating all demand as work?

Do you know how much failure demand is coming into your business?


Jamie’s unique skill set of both social and technical dimensions of transformational change ensure that his consultancy can provide objective advice and expertise as he helps organisations to solve issues, create value and improve business performance.













You need a skilled executive coach in today’s chaotic world

Doing things right or doing the right things?

By solving problems and finding new and better ways of working, Jamie’s strong interpersonal skills, combined with his coaching and team performance background can help improve the bottom line.

In 2012 he gained a distinction in an MBA specialising in Lean Thinking, quality improvement and supply chain management. He has since developed an applied knowledge of systems thinking and failure demand.


Failure Demand

Are you in danger of doing wrong things righter? Find yourself spending most of your day progress chasing? By analysing demand, Jamie helps leaders and teams to identify failure demand – demand caused by a failure to do something or do something right for the customer.

Disruptive Change

Treating all demand as work?

Supply Chain

Decision making and cognitive biases

Behavioural Economics

Understanding employee and customer behaviour. Using his coaching and consultancy skills, Jamie will help leaders to build a climate of trust and psychological safety, where employees feel empowered to innovate, problem solve, speak up and improve business process. We all have two jobs – doing your job and improving your job.

Healthcare Consultancy

Jamie has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector. His areas of expertise include patient safety & medicine safety, therapeutics, evidence-based healthcare, behavioural change, systems thinking, medicines safety, pharmaceuticals, decision making, human factors and quality improvement.

Organisations run on discretionary effort. Inspired people go the extra mile.

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