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  • Coaching for Performance

    Are you good at your job? Do you get the results that someone as good as you should get? Helping individuals improve performance and maximise their potential.

  • Being Human at Work

    Learn to inspire and motivate your team and influence your organisation. Understanding culture and psychological safety.

  • High Performing Teams

    Purposeful leadership. What does it take to deliver high performance in todays volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous workplace.

  • Communicating for Success

    If you want to change things – including the arc of your own career then how you present yourself and your ideas matters a great deal.

  • The All Blacks: A case study

    Lessons in leadership excellence. A team development workshop exploring the All Blacks as a case study in turning vision into action.

Human Performance is Variable


Jamie is an experienced executive coach, speaker and influencer. He helps others develop and harness their potential. He increases employee engagement by improving leadership and team dynamics. He specialises in one-to-one executive coaching, performance coaching and team coaching. His workshops explore the relationship between leadership, motivation and performance.

Track Record

Jamie has a twenty-five-year track record of inspiring and motivating audiences. He combines his healthcare and coaching background to deliver unique workshops that help leaders explore the relationship between health, wellbeing and performance. Jamie has delivered hundreds of workshops, seminars and keynotes.

Memorable Lighthouse

Make sure your audience see the light



His workshops are built on memorable ideas that engage, inspire and motivate.


Jamie delivers sessions that transform team performance, providing learning experiences to help your people feel human at work. He has a long-standing interest in the dynamics of high performing teams and working with intensity. Team coaching provides the opportunity for teams to go beyond their current abilities. Jamie can expose teams to the hidden and complex dynamics that can get in the way of their success, allowing them to overcome obstacles and achieve desired results.

Jamie works with teams, leaders and organisations to create an environment where people take responsibility for their actions and are able to be human at work – healthier, happier, engaged and more productive. The result is engaged people, who connect to their purpose. Improving their performance and wellbeing in equal measure.

The team behind the team

Interested in inspiring, motivating and improving your teams performance?